Automated Dent Detection Right From Your Phone

Automated Dent Detection Right From Your Phone

OnSource Photo Inspections and Smart Picture save time for insurance companies

BRAINTREE, Mass.Sept. 14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — OnSource’s suite of mobile apps for photo inspection uses Smart Picture to quickly detect, count and estimate the size of dents, automating the process of dent detection for insurance claims and underwriting departments. Using Smart Picture, OnSource Photo Inspections find, count, and size those dents automatically to speed up the claims process that once cost insurance companies much time and money.

There are dents, and then there are dents

If a dent is very badly stretched, too large, or too deep, there are higher costs to repair the damage. Quickly finding the severity of the dent allows estimating team to quickly triage each policyholder’s dented vehicle. At the click of a button, Smart Picture technology integrated into OnSource’s suite of photo inspection mobile apps gives estimating teams additional information about the composition of the dent, automatically.

How it works

Smart Picture Technologies captures vital scale and geometric info with the snap of a picture to give information on the count and size of dents. Having this information enables the adjuster to quickly determine the total number of dents on a vehicle, the size of the dents, and the general severity allowing the policyholder and insurer to choose the appropriate option for dent repair, body shop work with repainting, or paint less dent (PDR) repair.

You can extract measurements from any photo that has a target or a reference measurement with just a click, so not only can you quickly count the number of dents, but you can estimate the size of each dent.

Tim Schneider, Co-Founder of OnSource declares, “We think this technology will help insurance companies find dents more quickly and accurately.  It can also be especially useful for fleet services in identifying dents and dings. Using the Smart Picture technology, OnSource is bringing our photo inspections to the next level of visual data collection, providing instant intelligence right from our pictures.” Insurers benefit by having more value from their photo inspections, enabling faster and more accurate estimates.

Kari Myllykoski, Founder of Smart Picture Technologies said, “We are happy to be working with OnSource as our partner to the insurance industry, and we have closely integrated with their mobile insurance apps. Our patent-pending rapid dent and hail detection technology increases productivity, saves time and reduces human error.”

Learn more from Tim and Kari in the upcoming webinar “Automated Dent Detection, Right From Your Phone” on Wednesday, September 30th at 1:00 pm EST.

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About OnSource

OnSource enables insurance companies to get fast, fair and efficient claims and underwriting photo inspections through intuitive smartphone apps that take the guesswork out of insurance photography. Policyholders and claimants can use self-inspection apps or field inspectors to capture quality photo inspections of vehicles, real estate, and personal property.

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About Smart Picture

Smart Picture Technologies (SPT) provides a unique, powerful, and patented “measurement by picture” solution for users to take measurements using a smartphone. Just snap a picture to start measuring on any smartphone – or upload the picture to the SPT cloud to make measurements on any device with a browser – and collaborate with anyone in the world. SPT radically increases productivity and eliminates errors in any industry or personal pursuit where measurement capture is important – Home Improvement, Insurance (claims and underwriting), Home and Commercial Real Estate, and many others. For more information, visit

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