Does SmartPicture Match Your Digital DNA?

Does SmartPicture Match Your Digital DNA?


It’s interesting to talk to people about technology.  Some are early adopters, while others would rather technology goes away; they’re the ones who would have preferred the horse and carriage to cars, if they lived back in the early 1900s.  What about you?  Are you someone who adopts new technology early?  What’s your Digital DNA?


What is Digital DNA?


The concept of Digital DNA is relatively new.  Digital DNA relates to how each person, or company, relates to technology.  For example, there are those who embrace the latest technology.  They need the state-of-the-art phone.  They adopt the latest upgrades in software.  They adopt the newest business trends and look for new technology that immediately optimizes their business.  For those, their digital DNA hits the highest marks.

In the middle of the digital DNA rankings, there are those who are more cautious when it comes to technology.  They wait until that state-of-the-art phone is a few months old, just to make sure there aren’t any problems.  When new software comes out, they wait to adopt until they can test it against their current software to see if it’s worth the time and effort to change.  And they’re cautious in adopting the newest business trends to make sure there’s no disruption to their day-to-day operations.

Research shows that most businesses land in the middle of the DNA rankings.  According to the 2015 PwC CEO Survey, 58-percent of small and medium-sized businesses believe the digital world is both a challenge and an opportunity. [1]


SmartPicture and your Digital DNA


Like most industries, the world of interior design has changed dramatically over the past 10 to 15 years, especially in available technology.  Have you been an early adopter of those technologies such as 3D design tools or Virtual Reality?  Do you see technology as a way to expand your business without hiring more employees?  If so, you will appreciate SmartPicture’s ability to increase your market share without increasing your bottom-line costs.

SmartPicture features an advanced, computer-vision system that allows your customers to virtually provide context about their space by simply taking smartphone pics.  Our system processes the uploaded pics and generates the context in the form of picture galleries, floor to ceiling measurements of the room and a 3D model of the room. It allows you to design a new room, calculate how much product to order, how long the cabinets need to be, and the size of the window coverings, all from smartphone pics.  Plus, with the 3D model, you can overlay your own design using your preferred design tool and share the results with the customer.  Most importantly, enablement in your business is as easy as dropping a social media icon on your website.

Imagine you are in Manhattan and your customer is in upstate New York.  You can drive out to the customer and waste an entire day in the car or you can handle everything virtually using SmartPicture.  Your customer can take pictures of their space with SmartPIcture and all of the measurements and 3D renderings are sent to you.  You can spend your time designing and not wasting your time with mundane, time-consuming things like traveling and measuring.  You can also leverage SmartPicture if you are onsite and take the pictures yourself.  The amount of time it takes you to deliver proposals and finished plans to your client is now cut dramatically, without added stress.  At the end of the day, SmartPicture allows you to expand your geographic reach, optimize your business and service more customers.

So what’s your Digital DNA?  Are you ready for SmartPicture?  If so, click here and we’ll schedule a time to talk.


[1] Press, Gil, “New PwC Survey:  CEOs Embrace Digital Transformation,” Forbes Magazine, February 27, 2015.



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