Growing Your Business in High-Growth Markets

Growing Your Business in High-Growth Markets


“The housing market is booming.” You hear that on almost every day. It’s true that new-home sales have undergone a dramatic increase; according to the National Association of Home Builders, new home sales have gone from 368,000 annually in 2012 to 610,000 annually as of May 2017, a 60-percent increase.[1] However, new home sales only make up a small part of all home sales nationally. Sales of existing homes makes up the majority of home sales and they have remained steady during the same period, ranging between 4,657,000 in 2012 to 5,620,000 in May 2017.

Statistics are all well and good, but what does that mean for window and door professionals? It means there is going to be a lot of remodeling done on those existing homes and windows and doors play a big part.

New and existing homeowners are creating a boom in the home remodeling industry. Most homes are older than 10 years, and their windows and doors are starting to show their age. To get the biggest benefit from their remodeling dollars, homeowners will look to the kitchens, bathrooms and then windows and doors. Will your company be able to keep up?


How SmartPicture Can Help

With SmartPicture, we have a new way of helping you accelerate your growth to stay ahead of of the market and carry your business into the technology age. How?

Give power to the customer. SmartPicture allows the customer to be in control of their order, creating a savings for both the customer and your business. Instead of having to set appointments for someone to come measure, your customer simply takes pictures of space and uploads them to our measurement cloud. Our proprietary cloud technology processes the images and sends you the dimensions needed to quote, order or manufacture the windows and doors. You’ll no longer have frustrated customers waiting around for a quote. And human error on measurements is eliminated.

Faster quotes, faster contracts. The SmartPicture Measurement Cloud lets you share both the images and the measurements with those in your organization who need them. And because the data from SmartPicture integrates easily into your existing workflow, your team can generate quotes faster, allowing them to close the sale more quickly.

Bring more services to your customer service. Today’s technology continues to grow and change, and customers are expecting their contractors to be as up to date as possible. SmartPicture allows you to wow your customers with the latest in Augmented Reality technology instead of the old-school flat, handwritten diagrams.

Do more with less. Think of how much it costs for you to provide a customer with a quote. Each member of your sales team drives a company truck, for which you provide insurance, fuel and
So what’s your Digital DNA?  Are you ready for SmartPicture?  If so, click here and we’ll schedule a time to talk.


[1] National Association of Home Builders, “New and Existing Home Sales, U.S.,”


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