HOLT CAT Finds Solution in Smart Picture Technologies

HOLT CAT Finds Solution in Smart Picture Technologies

Austin, Texas – March 4, 2016 – HOLT® CAT, the authorized Caterpillar® heavy equipment and engine dealer for 118 counties in Texas, is now using the Smart Picture Measurement Cloud for in-field measuring and estimating of select retro-fit projects.

The buckets and blades on heavy construction equipment can sometimes be given a second life with proper rebuilding, increasing the operator’s overall fleet efficiency. With the Smart Picture technology, a HOLT CAT field representative need only take a smartphone photo of the part at the job site. Once uploaded to the Smart Picture Measurement Cloud, a technician has all the necessary measurement data to not only provide a quote but to actually remanufacture the part as well.

“We are excited to leverage the Smart Picture software to improve our turnaround time on repair and rebuild projects for customers,” said Peter J. Holt, the General Manager of HOLT CAT. “That’s a huge difference in our industry, one that adds to the bottom lines of all involved.”

“HOLT CAT’s use of our technology beautifully captures its essence,” said Andy Greff, CEO of Smart Picture Technologies. “Enabling companies to gather their necessary field measurements with less effort, in less time and close more deals faster is what we’re all about.”



About Smart Picture Technologies

Smart Picture Technologies is disrupting the home and commercial field sales process by taking the traditional truck and tape measure estimation process and replacing it with a Computer Vision powered SaaS measurement platform. Fast and accurate quotes, estimates and proposals can now be accomplished virtually by simply snapping a picture with any smartphone, uploading the picture to the cloud and taking the required 2D or 3D measurements. The solution is device agnostic with no added hardware, special camera or measuring tape required and is accurate up to ¼ of an inch. This technology allows for faster response times and new ways to increase quality control, while avoiding the inefficient and costly practice of sending personnel back and forth to job sites. In addition, because Smart Picture leverages the device every consumer has in their pocket, the solution opens up countless direct-to-consumer business models. The patented and patent-pending technology powering Smart Picture has been in development for over three years and leverages the latest “Computer Vision” technology. The company’s intellectual property includes 13 patents in various stages of the patent process. In 2015, the Austin, TX-based Smart Picture was named a finalist for Red Herring magazine’s “Top 100 North American Award,” a prestigious list of the most promising private technology companies. To find out more about the Smart Picture Measurement Cloud, along with details on a free trial, visit: smartpicture3d.com.


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