Smart Picture Works In 3 Easy Steps

Smart Target Icon

Download and print the Smart Target and place it in the scene to be measured

Smartphone Camera

Take a photo of the scene or object using your smartphone with the Smart Target visible

Cloud upload

Upload to the Smart Picture Cloud and make measurements in 2D & 3D to generate your quote

Are you ready to get started?

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What is the Smart Picture Measurement Cloud

Smart Picture is a computer-vision powered measurement platform designed to optimize the home and commercial field sales process. Measurements for proposals are generated virtually by snapping a picture with any smartphone. Smart Picture measurements are accurate to 1/4”, work inside and outside on small and large objects.  No extra hardware needed.

Close More Business

Use the Smart Picture Measurement Cloud visual and measurement data to prepare estimates and proposals for your customers faster than ever before.  You can also expand your service area and increase the number of potential customers.

Estimation Workflow Friendly

Smart Picture Measurement Cloud connects anyone in the field with headquarters immediately to gather scale and dimension information from their smartphone pictures.

Reduce Field Services Costs

Smart Picture Measurement Cloud lowers field services costs by reducing the need to send personnel back and forth to job sites.

Mobilize Your Field Services Team

Field services personnel simply take pictures with the smartphones they already have and upload pictures to the browser-based Smart Picture Measurement Cloud. No added hardware is required.

Designed for Business

The Smart Picture Measurement Cloud is an enterprise class system that easily integrates with estimation tools, design tools and similar investments via our public APIs.

It can also be integrated into your customer facing website to help accelerate the sales process and pre-qualify opportunities.

If you are already a subscriber click below to access Smart Picture Measurement Cloud.

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Core Features of the Smart Picture Measurement Cloud

  • Eazy3D Tool – capture measurements in three dimensions
  • Angle Tool – specify angles on pictures
  • Surface Area Tool – calculate the area of a wall or floor
  • Length Tool – capture X and Y measurements
  • Volume Tool – calculate length, width, height and volume of an object
  • APIs – Public APIs available to integrate into your process
  • Share pictures and measurements
  • Upload images from your smartphone
  • 100% browser-based
  • Works with estimation/design tools
  • Works inside or outside
  • No additional hardware needed

Smart Picture Measurement Cloud in Action