Our Platform Delivers Professional Results

Home remodeling and design companies are using our turn-key dimensioning service to turn their customers’ smartphone pictures into valuable insights. We’ll send you a 3D model of the room along with a comprehensive report with the dimensions of the room, walls, ceiling heights, windows, doors and more.

Drive More Revenue

Grow Your Business

Make your personnel 2x more efficient and pre-qualify your opportunities.

Improve ROI

Expand your geographic footprint to service more customers and reduce travel costs.

Get Quick Results

Create and deliver accurate job estimates to your customers in half the time.

How it works

1. Take Picture

Your customer snaps a series of smartphone pictures of the room(s) you need measured and they upload them via our SMS link.

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2. Analysis

Our computer-vision platform analyzes the pictures and takes the appropriate measurements.

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3. We Deliver Insight

We deliver a comprehensive report with accurate measurements and a 3D model of the room. More than enough to create a detailed estimate for your customer.

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Simple and Intuitive

Measuring Made Easy

We make it easy to get the pictures from your customers — and you don’t have to learn a new drafting tool.

No Tools Required

All you need is a smartphone — no app to download, laser, measuring tape or special camera is needed.

Get Quick Results

The system is 99% accurate and can help reduce inaccurate measurements from customers.

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