Ordering Blinds Online – But Need to Take Measurements?

Ordering Blinds Online – But Need to Take Measurements?

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Ordering Blinds Online – But Need to take Measurements?

If you’re looking to save some time & money, buying blinds online is an easy solution.  Reputable online retailers now provide you with the ability to purchase window décor hassle-free.

The problem is, prior to any purchase you make, you must submit window measurements. The last thing anyone wants to do is order the wrong size and find out that their perfect blind or shade is an unfit eyesore.

Measuring for window treatments can be a true nightmare, especially when outfitting an entire home. No matter which guide you follow, each window will require at least six measurements and you’ll need to re-measure just to ensure accuracy. You’ll soon find yourself buried in pages of notes just to keep track of it all and you haven’t even begun the ordering process. Not to mention, making sure that the blind will fit properly within the window’s preexisting casing.

To avoid these issues and help you save time, we have created a virtual measurement solution, that eliminates the need to take a single measurement by tape measure. With SmartPicture, a user simply takes pictures using their smartphone and uploads to our cloud. We generate and deliver the dimensions you require for quoting/ordering.

No two windows are alike and hardly any are perfectly square, so it’s important to measure precisely for an exact fit. Our system is finely tuned against industry-leading standards and delivers consistent and reliable measurements to some of the largest window outfitters.

What are you waiting for! You Got This!

So, leave the measuring to us, and get on with the purchase process. With our tech, anyone can measure their own windows, and save time & money by flexing their DIY muscles. Head over to smartpicture3d.com/windows to learn more.



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